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Food For Fitness: Nutrient Rich Foods, 3 Oh So Effective Diets

Everyone will be aware that we all need food for fitness. However, what people do not know is what foods are healthy, and which ones will do nothing good for our health. Well,  in this article, we aim to educate you in the ways of eating the best foods for fitness.

Foods To Eat That Are Healthy

When it boils down to it, there are almost too many foods to eat that are healthy, too many to mention. We will give you three fantastic examples of groups of people who eat well. We are saying this because they have a very high percentage of people who are living well into their hundreds.

Yes, you read it right, well into their hundreds. Of course, you can expect common diseases that will develop with age. However, these are not common among these groups of people. Why is that you wonder? It is because they eat healthily throughout their long lives.

a photograph of the Hunza valley

Hunza Valley Pakistan

With the Hunza people living up to and around 120 years old, “There must be something magical about them?” Well, in fact, no, it is their food for fitness that enables them to live this long. People of the Hunza tribe have been aware of this for a long time and continue to eat healthily up until this day.

Now I will tell you from what their very simple diet made up. It is all about eating nuts and seed along with yogurt, so they are not so dry. You see, this raw food diet works. There is not a PROCESSED food in sight. They will keep it simple, and, it sure is beneficial.

a typical Okinawan, simple meal

Healthy Japanese Diet

There is a not too commonly known island that will eat an excellent healthy Japanese diet. The island goes by the name of Okinawa. A typical Okinawan diet will consist of 30% yellow and green vegetables. Sounds healthy? Well, yes, it is. And, as you would expect with them being Japanese, they too eat rice. The only difference is the amount of it that they will eat.

Surely, you realize that with 30% of your diet being vegetables, it has to be healthy. It is and, if only we westerners would eat more vegetables then, we would be a lot healthier undoubtedly. “And is that all, what is their other food?”

The most commonly eaten food, and I guess you could call it their staple foods, is the Okinawan sweet potato. A perfect accompaniment to the vegetables they will be eating.

What Is The Average Age For Okinawans?

The statistic may or may not shock you. The average age for Okinawans is 90 for women, and 84 for males. You may be thinking that the figures are not all that high, well wait one minute. The average age of a woman living in the USA is only 81, and for males, is 76. You must now begin to realize that it is a reasonably significant extension they have?

photograph of a valley in the Andes where their diet contains food for fitness

More Food For Fitness

The diet of a farmer in the Andes is something to learn. Well, in the Andes, the staple food is the humble potato. Yes, it is not only a source of income for the Peruvian farmer but a staple food for fitness. They too eat a simple diet, again, with zero processed foods.

There is currently no data available on the Peruvian farmer. However, what we can assure you is that it is significantly higher than the average USA numbers.

What Do These Examples Mean Then?

Let me tell you what these examples mean then shall I? They can mean only one thing. That is this, we should not, nor do we need to eat ANY processed foods at all. Especially not if we wish to be healthy and fit. Keep it simple.

Go back to basics if you will because with a massive number of healthy food available to choose from these days. There is no excuse not to eat healthy produce at all. They will get all of the workouts that they need from their day to day living.

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